One Journey. Limitless Potential.

My sister is one of the most inspiring people I know. She is driven, compassionate, selfless, and on a mission to change the world. As I am writing this, she is blazing a trail up the highest peak in the Southern California, with 20, or so, campers at her back.

WALL, Wilderness Adventure in Leadership and Learning
, is a program that targets high school aged kids from low income communities in Los Angeles, giving them opportunities they might not otherwise be given. In turn, of course, shedding light on new perspectives and most importantly, their own potential.

WALL's mission reads:
One Journey. Limitless Potential.
Continuing an adventure 20 years in the making by promoting leadership, growth and teamwork. Embracing the challenge now to contribute to the communities of tomorrow.

I was privileged to design this t-shirt in support.


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