Spare the Air

Today is Spare the Air day, and therefore, I am about to set out on my bike to get work. I've done this journey once before, and it was quite enjoyable. Here's a thought: shouldn't every day be Spare the Air day?

I've identified two things that drive many of my decisions: time and convenience. It's gross. As good as he was, my high school econ teacher branded in my mind an idea that has haunted me: time is money. I have been long attempting to undo this now ingrained concept. And about convenience - sure the twenty minute drive to work is more convenient than the hour bike ride. But, I don't even want to think about all that I have missed by taking the more convenient route. And I am not just talking about my route to work. When I really think about it, convenience is boring and full of hurry. I rebel against hurry, but I am often guilty of it. Why? Children don't rush, they don't hurry. They observe, they enjoy. They bike.

So today I'll ride. Never mind time, never mind convenience. Mind, instead, the air I breath, and the elements of my route I've always missed by taking the more convenient path.

I printed out the bus schedule, just in case. In support of Spare the Air, VTA is giving free rides.

Santa Clara County Bikeways Map


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