NPR's Song Of The Day: The Breeze/My Baby Cries

I am in love with NPR. For many reasons, but primarily because every morning in my email inbox is a link to NPR's Song Of The Day. Every weekday, NPR gives me the opportunity to discover music from artists both old and new. On 26 June 2009 I did just that.

The song is titled 'The Breeze/My Baby Cries', written and recorded in 1982 by singer-songwriter Kath Bloom, and it's a gift. Bill Callahan's cover made 'Song Of The Day', but Bloom's original track, featuring 'avant-garde blues guitarist'* Loren Connors, is available for listen, too. And this is the track that's been looping my iTunes for days now. I can't get enough because with every listen I hear something new. It leaves me feeling both fulfilled and unfulfilled at the same time. It's uneasy. There is depth and perfection in her lyrics and something about this song resonates with me.

"You can never be sure of the people you know,
When they don't want to show you their sadness.
Yesterday, I talked with my father.
He says that we can never win.
It's so hard for me to tell where I end,
And my father begins."

However, I am comfortably undecided about my feelings for Kath Bloom. Part of me wants to curl up in the fetal for her, and the other part would like to give her a standing ovation.

Listen here.

*So says Lars Gotrich, NPR.

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